Oh, what a week it has been ~ #ChronicPainThursday #ChronicPain ~ 1/26/23

Oh what a week it has been. So the pain in my left leg just wouldn’t go away. I had to contact my doctor, this past Monday, because I just couldn’t walk and the pain was more than I could take. So he sent me for a scan of my leg/hip and the result was “really bad arthritis”. So here is another thing to add to my list.

He wants me to get into some physical therapy in hopes we can get my leg better. So Monday morning, I start PT. I’m actually excited about it. It’s been a while since I have had PT, and I have always gotten along with my therapists. And the end result has always been fairly positive.

Sending out good vibes to all of those in pain

I’m happy to share my experience with therapy and the exercises that will be given. Sharing is caring, right?

The weather has not been helping the pain. Today, we have snow and cold. Ouchy. I’m feeling it everywhere, especially in my legs.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed. It’s getting super annoying. But I am watching some interesting TV shows and movies. Next week, I’ll try to chat a bit about my shows.

I had 30 minutes of no pain, yesterday morning, and it was absolutely wonderful. Then it quickly went back to “OMG I have to climb back into bed”. Ahhh, fun times.

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