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Below are the companies / brands that I have worked with currently or in the past. As a family, we love trying new products and then telling our friends and family about our favorites. My husband and son help enjoy helping me unbox my Daily Goodie Box, each month.

So with us, you get the perspective from a woman, man, an almost 8 year old boy, and a dog 🙂

Our favorite categories to test, but not limited to:

Sports (NHL, NFL, MLB)

Cooking / Baking
Drinks / Coffee
Alcohol / Bar Stuff
Kids Stuff 8-10 year old, boy

Home & Garden
Massage Therapy
DIY / Crafts
Whatever else you send!

Contact me if you want to collab? CLICK HERE

Click each logo to view my posts for that company / brand.

Current Companies / Brands:

Blogger for Daily Goodie Box since 2018

Invited by Walmart to be a reviewer for their Walmart Spark Reviewer Program.
Reviewer since 2018.

Invited by Hanes Brand Inc. to be a reviewer for their Reviewer Program.
Reviewer since 2020.

Current member of the following communities:

Past Companies / Brands :

Was a member of the VIP Juice Crew ~ program suspended due to COVID
Created recipes and drink ideas with a monthly box of juice and swag.

Blogger in 2020

Received a box in 2018 to promote

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