Virtual schooling with my son and #ChronicPain

Some days, I am ready to collapse the moment virtual school is over. Up and down from bed, having to go into the little ones room for one reason or another.

Keeping an eye on your child, to make sure they are paying attention to their teacher on the screen and not playing with their toys, just off screen. Asking the same question over and over, “What are you supposed to be doing right now?”. Oh my goodness, if I never have to ask that question again, I’d be happy but I know there are at least 2-3 more times that I will be asking, just today.

I am learning a few things along the way, as far as chronic pain and living in this weird new normal.


Location! Rest close to where your child is. Luckily, our bedrooms are right next to each other. I feel like I have to get up a lot to help him find something or the teacher requests for a parent to be within ear shot. So the closer I am, the easier it is to get up and down, or to be within ear shot.

Use a calendar. Make sure it is where the whole family can see it. Cross off the day with your child, before bed. It will help them with learning the calendar and their numbers.

Prepare as much as you can, the night before. Or get up early and have a routine.

Every morning, I get up, get my son up to start getting ready for school and while he does that… I turn on his laptop and get his schedule pulled up and ready to log on to Zoom. Then, make coffee for my husband and I. Feed and let the dog out. I am usually ready for a nap by 10am, but I need to keep pushing.

Organize! I have two wire bins that we use for school. One bigger bin that holds his daily folders, workbooks and tools. A smaller bin to hold his reading books. I have a table coming (from Walmart Spark Review Club) that should hold both bins near his desk.

Massage. At the end of the day, or throughout the day, use massagers. I have a hand massager, foot & leg, and a neck pillow that can be used all over (back, neck, leg, knee) Read more: Click Here

CBD Salve : My hands have been hurting a lot lately with doing a lot more physical work around the house. I have found that 43CBDSOLUTIONS CBD Salve is one of the few products that work incredibly fast.

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