Flare up overload ~ #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlos #Endometriosis

Please excuse the lack of make-up. Too miserable to care.

My body is on overload and it’s time to start logging it. It is too much to remember. Why not share it with you. Hopefully, it will help someone or at least know will you are not alone and you are not crazy.

There are two things helping me through this day, so far. My coffee and our cuddly dog, Macy.

I just started having a weird sharp pain in my left, pelvic area. I think I have had this before and it eventually goes away. This might be more from my Endometriosis. I’m convinced it’s back. I had surgery a couple of years ago and my doctor said it was a severe case but he believed he got it all.

So below, I have marked the areas I am battling today. I am slowly losing. It may be time to waive the surrender flag for the day.

Factors for pain

Rained a lot today. Cool and breezy. High of 54*

Some physical work. Household chores.

Up and down the stairs several times.

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