Unboxing my @DailyGoodieBox of #FreeSamples (April 2022) #DailyGoodieBox

Miracle Tree – Chocolate Organic Moringa Tea

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: I really like the colors and the design on the packaging. Very consistent with their other teas.

Taste / Smell: I didn’t know you could add chocolate to tea but they have and it smells delicious.

Chronic Pain POV: Teas are good, in general, for chronic pain. More white and green tea, I believe. But if I drink more of this chocolate tea with a bit of honey, it’s way healthier than my coffee with cream and sugar.

Would we buy this in the future? I believe we would. I had my husband taste it as well, he is a tea drinker, and he enjoyed it very much. It made me pull out the other Miracle Tree Teas out, for easier grab n go tea.

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Pasokin – Original PB Bites

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Packaging: Adorable! Love the colors. The pictures tells you what your going to get on the inside.

Taste / Smell: Instantly, I could smell the delicious peanut butter. A couple crumbs broke off and I tossed them in my mouth, before a first bite. My eyes rolled back in my head. SO FREAKING GOOD! I passed the second one over to my husband and said, “You have to try this”. So he did, and he also loved it.

Chronic Pain POV: N/A

Would we buy this in the future? He immediately said, “We need to have more of these in our life!”. Now, he is on Amazon bookmarking the Pasokin Store . I have a feeling a package will be arriving this weekend. So yes, we will be buying this over and over in the future! And in the time it took me to write this, right after tasting, my husband has set up a subscription from Amazon.

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NeatGoods – NEATwipes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: I like the small, all-in-one packaging. I had to give the top tab a little tug, but came up.

Taste / Smell / Feel : I really smell the lavender after I have wiped my hands clean. My hands felt incredibly soft, after using. I was not expecting that.

Chronic Pain POV: N/A

Would we buy this in the future? I would keep these in mind when thinking about future hand wipe purchases. This is the second product I have tried from NeatGoods, and we have been a fan of both.

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Artisana Organics – Nut Butters Variety

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: I like the size. Good amount per packet. (Be sure to press and mix, before opening)

Taste / Smell:

Hazelnut Cacao – Tastes a lot like the ‘national brand’. I can see the appeal. Pretty good. Came in 2nd with the boys and 3rd for me.

Cashew Cacao – Hands down, the favorite. The cashew and cacao go VERY well together.

Raw Walnut – my second favorite. Reminded me of the holidays. Apple & Walnut = yum

Hemp & Brazil – At the bottom of all of our lists. Much runnier than the others and just wasn’t a big fan of the taste.

Chronic Pain POV: Any way to cut down on sugar is good. Nuts are great for your health!

Would we buy this in the future? All three of us agreed that the Cashew Cacao is delicious and we would love to have it again.

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Jada Spices – Vegan Turmeric Salt

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: Simple packaging. I like the color chosen for the tumeric salt. Pop up lid, like most spices.

Taste / Smell: It smells amazing. My husband and I instantly thought… use this with chicken. And the most I smell it, the more I think veggies would be tasty, too. And I have veggies in the house, currently. I do not have any chicken on hand. After trying on some broccoli, I would definitely use this on future veggie dishes.

Chronic Pain POV: So many benefits with tumeric:

Would we buy this in the future? If it will truly help my arthritis, digestion and cholesterol… then yes, we will buy in the future.

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Bambo Nature – Snuggle Time Body Lotion

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Packaging: Cute colors. I like the pop up lid. The size was perfect, it wasn’t awkward to hold.

Feel: My skin was very soft and smooth. No greasy feeling, no scent.

Chronic Pain POV: This lotion would help baby your skin. My skin reactions to some lotions, it did not with this one.

Would I buy on my own? I might. It was nice and gentle. I just don’t have a baby. It would be for me.

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#DailyGoodieBox #FreeSamples #BamboNature #BabySkin #ParentFearlessly #SkinCare #lotion #ecofriendly #sustainability

Good Organics – Toothpaste Tablets

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: Cute & Small. This packet came with 5 tablets. About the size of an aspirin.

Taste / Smell: So, wet the toothbrush…chew tablet…brush…rinse. So weird not having a paste. After first, it was tough not to swallow it after chewing… like a mint. But once I got the wet toothbrush in there, it all started coming together. Pretty cool!

Chronic Pain POV: N/A

Would we buy this in the future? I actually might. Definitely good for travel or quick brushings, when you don’t want to carry a tube of toothpaste with ya.

I received this product for FREE in my Daily Goodie Box. See below on how to get your very own Daily Goodie Box.

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RareESSENCE Aromatherapy – Breathe Ease Aromatherapy Inhaler

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Packaging: Perfect size. Great for purse, pocket, backpack…etc.

Taste / Smell: I was worried the Eucalyptus would be overpowering, but it wasn’t. It was a very smooth inhale. I could taste a little mint for a minute, after inhaling, but back to normal shortly after.

Chronic Pain POV: N/A

Would we buy this in the future? I would definitely keep this in mind for the future. I have been stuffy today. Totally forgot that I had this, used it, and almost immediately I can breath.

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