@VoloEnergy in this month’s #DailyGoodieBox

Two VoloVitamins packs were included in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I’m always interested in trying Water enhancers but I’m cautious when it comes to energy products. With my medical issues, the energy stuff either doesn’t work on me OR the complete opposite. I get super shaky and jittery. So I “drink” cautiously with energy drinks.

Initially, I noticed when I took a sip was that it did taste like vitamins. I believe the first thing I though of was crushed up Flintstones vitamins. But then it tasted a little sweeter as I continued to taste.

I only drank half because I didn’t want to experience any of the jitters. I like what they are going for here, I’m just not the biggest fan of the taste. I would really like to try the Berry flavor.

For more information:

I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own,
go to www.dailygoodiebox.com 

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