@CremaCo Coffee Subscription Box for the workplace or home. #coffee

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I was on Instagram and stumbled upon Crema Co. I am a big coffee fan and thought this might be a fun subscription box.

In this box, there is a Light, Medium and Dark Roast. I like all three roasts for different times of the day, so having all three in one box is a great idea!

I’m starting with the dark roast. On the bag, it noted Buttered Toast, Brown Sugar and Nutmeg. When I first opened the bag, I instantly smelled the buttery sugar smell. Added some beans to the grinder, got the coffee maker ready and hit brew. Went to take a shower while brewing and could smell it in the shower. Oh so good.

Once done, I added my cream and sugar. The first sip was delicious. It’s different than the Sumatra I typically drink. I like the flavors in it but it’s not really a flavored coffee… which is great! I like coffee flavored coffee.

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Next, I tried the Medium Roast. The bag noted flavors of Plum, Chocolate and Caramel. I don’t taste much of the plum but definitely the chocolate and caramel. It reminds me of the See’s Candies Lollipops. It is really quite tasty. I see myself drinking this more at night after dinner.

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And finally to the Light Roast. I enjoyed this one as well but if I were ranking, this would be third of the three tasted. I really taste the molasses in this roast. But not as sweet, for me, when doctored up with my cream and sugar. But it is still very good.

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Are you ready to try an awesome monthly pet box? Check out Pet Treater! READ MORE… #Dog #Cat

I am partnering up with Pet Treater this month and super excited about it! Since we just rescued Macy almost a month ago (1 month tomorrow), we still don’t have too many toys for her yet. I did some research and thought that Pet Treater and Macy would be a great partnership.

Pet Treater is a subscription box that brings toys and goodies to your fur-babies each month.

It’s super easy to join!

  1. Select Your Plan

Dog Pack
Deluxe Dog Pack
Treats Only
Toys Only

  1. Tell Pet Treater about your pet

  2. Kick Back and Relax

To get started, use CODE: ZEBRASLIFE20 good for 20% off the first month of a recurring item.

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@DrinkCirkul has been a total game changer for me. I am drinking WAY less soda. ~ Read More ~

For a couple of years now, I have been wanting to reduce my sugar intake. Especially with soda. But I have never made the push. This month, my husband claimed a free trial from Cirkul. It’s a special water bottle that has a flavor cartridge that can be changed easily. You can change the setting of how much flavor you want from 1-10, or no flavor at all.

His trial came with a few cartridges that we were able to try. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the flavors. I am not typically a flavored water person at all. In fact, I don’t drink as much water as I should be. So I thought this is the time. This could be what I need to give me that push into stopping or dramatically reducing my soda intake. So he ordered a bottle for me and our son.

I could not wait for this bottle to arrive. I was counting the days and checking the mailbox every day hoping it was there. Once it arrived, I tore into it and could not wait to start using my own bottle.

I cannot believe how much I am drinking with this water bottle now. My favorite flavor, is mixed berry. I haven’t tried too many flavors, but this one is quite delicious. They have so many flavors to choose from, I just want to try them all to see which are our favorites. There are even tea flavors and café/coffee flavors.

In just one week, I have stopped craving soda and find myself reaching for my Cirkul bottle quite often. I am definitely bringing up my daily water intake because of this bottle.

If you like water or would like to reduce your soda intake, you should give this bottle a try. Click the link below to claim your free trial. Hopefully you’ll notice a difference as quickly as I did.

To start your free trial:

Click Here 

@SnackNation is pretty awesome!

A week or so ago I saw something about a snack box on social media. I ended up signing up and I’m glad I did, so far. There are 6 snacks each month, of a healthier variety. Salt & Sweet snacks. Each month it would be $3.99 for shipping and only $1 for the box if I complete the survey by the 25th.

So here is my first box from Dollar Snack Club from Snack Nation:

I’m started sampling a couple of products last night and I’m enjoying trying some new stuff. My son is really enjoying them too. I’ll post more, probably later today, on each product.

To sign up for your Snack Box:

Dollar Snack Club

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