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I just joined the Hero Skin Squad!

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How Does the Hero Skin Squad Work? 

As part of the squad, you’ll be able to participate in fun Missions like let you share your acne journey, test brand new, innovative products from our Hero Lab, and earn exclusive rewards. We want to get to know our squad members so don’t be shy – by completing our surveys, we’ll be able to send you more customized Missions that fit your lifestyle. 

How Do I Get More Offers? 

Using the Sharing Tools on your Missions and completing your available Activities on your dashboard is the best way to get more offers. By sharing, you can show us how involved you are and make the most out of your Hero Skin Squad experience. 

What Can I Expect as a Member? 

As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to the Hero Cosmetics brand, products to try, engaging discussions to partake in, and more! 

Want in? All we ask from you is that you keep your profile information up to date, answer some quick surveys, and spread the word about the Hero Skin Squad by using the Sharing Tools on your Mission Pages. 

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Join the #SambuCrew !

I just joined their new community! Click Here to join now!

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What Is the SambuCrew?

SambuCrew is a community of berry friendly people who want to share in the conversation about one of the best things nature has to offer with new friends, old friends, and their social media fam. SambuCrew is about supporting more than your immune system, it’s about boosting your knowledge about all things Elderberry, spreading the seeds of joy, and reveling in the fun that comes with hanging out with people who just get you.

We want to invite you to be part of our crew. As a member, you’ll have the chance to learn more about what goes into each Sambucol product, share your experience and valuable insight with us; plus, you’ll get exclusive access to new products before anyone else.  

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Join @sirkensingtons Tastebuds community!

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What Is Sir Kensington’s Tastebuds?

This community is a gathering place for health-conscious food enthusiasts who crave clean label products but never want to sacrifice on flavor. We can all agree that superior, quality ingredients lead to superior, delicious taste. When you become a Taste Bud, you’re afforded the opportunity to connect with other health-forward food lovers like paleo meal preppers, keto epicureans, plant-based fanatics, nutrition connoisseurs and those just looking for clean label products to feel good about! You’ll be able to engage with your fellow Taste Buds in thought-provoking discussions, share food and condiment commentary and learn from each other so together we can better every bite.

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Pepperidge Farm Veggie Crackers are so delicious! The whole family loves them. @PepperidgeFarm @Smiley360 #FreeSample

I was lucky enough to be selected by Smiley360 to try these two Pepperidge Farm Veggie Cracker flavors for FREE. Sweet Carrot & Cheesy Tomato.

We love Pepperidge Farm and the goldfish. The veggie flavors are absolutely delicious. My husband and my 6 year old were big fans. The sweet carrot was just the right amount of sweet. The tomato was nicely seasoned. The little one has grabbed the bag a couple of times, when he is snacky. We will definitely buy these again in the future.

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Do you Kathy Davis? Well you should!

I was super lucky to be selected for the Kathy Davis mission on Smiley360. This amazing package of her products arrived today, and instantly I was inspired.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Hallmark or a greeting card store. I used to work in one for years. So I’ve always enjoyed quotes and gifts like this.

This package came with greeting style cards, Tiny Cheers and inspirational quotes on these little square cards. I absolutely love it.

So let me share the magic of what is Kathy Davis…

I received this for free from Smiley360 #ad #FreeSample

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