Lab Putty LED Scribbler ~ Fun for the kids & parents :)

This Lab Putty Led Scribbler is incredibly fun! I haven’t seen or played with anything like this. My son and I took turns using the light to create designs on the putty, minute later it was gone. And then design again. Not sticky and doesn’t seem to get all over everything. Fun toy.

*I received this for free for being a Walmart Spark Reviewer*

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Adventure Force Vulcano Radio Controlled Fiery T-Rex #WalmartSparkReviewer

What more could a six year old boy want than a fire breathing dragon, that walks? My little guy loved the Adventure Force Vulcano RC Fiery T Rex.

This toy is a lot of fun. You add a little water to the top and then steam comes out of the mouth, plus red lights come on. Use the remote to make it walk and make noises.

Even as an almost 40 yr old woman, I enjoyed playing with it, too. Plus, seeing the joy on my sons face makes it that much more awesome, to me.

Below is copied from Walmart:

  • Just add water for fire-breathing action
  • Control this toy dinosaur up to 49′
  • 2 AA batteries required for the transmitter (not included)
  • Measures 11″ in height

Ages 5-11 years old

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I received this product for free for being a Walmart Spark Reviewer.

DIY Superhero Boxes for my little one #DIY #Superhero

One of the things I enjoy doing as a hobby or with my kid, it’s crafts. I have never been that good but I always enjoy making stuff. Each year I seem to get a little bit better or a little more creative. We’ve been doing a lot more crafts lately with my kid going into kindergarten. He is really into superheroes right now. Especially Batman and Superman.

I had some blank wooden jewelry boxes that needed crafting, so I thought it would be a great project for he and I. He didn’t really seem to want to finish his project after paining his box halfway with black paint. So I decided to finish it for him. I asked him if he wanted Batman or Superman, because I had scrapbook papers of each. He said he wanted both. So I decided OK, I’ll go ahead and make you a box for each superhero.

So I finish painting the rest of the black for his Batman box. Cut out the logos from the Batman scrapbook paper and used Modge Podge to adhere them to the box. When I was done I did a nice coating of the Modge Podge on top.

For the other one, he decided he wanted a red base with a yellow top. I did the same thing, cut out logos but I also cut out borders for this box.

Have you tried Loaf Slime? #DailyGoodieBox

I was very excited to see that I was going to be receiving this in my Daily Goodie Box. I have been super stressed lately and this sounded like the perfect thing to use.

When I first opened it, I was hit with the beautiful lavender scent. One of the better lavenders that I’ve smelled.  When I first pulled it out of the container, it was a runny mess. This was not thick, as described on Instagram and their Etsy site. I began watching some videos to see if I was just mishandling the slime. The videos show that it is supposed to be a thick slime that you can easily pull out and “fold” into itself on a flat surface. Maybe, that is where I went wrong. I was just playing with it in my hands.

So I tried it for a second time.

The second time was less messy, but that’s because I didn’t want to pull it all the way out of the container. The first time was WAY too messy. Now, leaving it in the container was definitely cleaner. I could pull it up and stretch it, and then it fall back down. I may try playing with it again a little later on a hard surface to see if it sticks or can be manipulated.

It was fun. I would like to see what other slimes Loaf Slime carries.

To learn more about Loaf Slime:
Loaf Slime – Lavender Aromatherapy Dough

I received this in my Daily Goodie Box for free.
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