Haunted House ~ Dry Erase Template

I wanted to make another dry erase template for Halloween. I saw that there have been several downloads of the October Dry Erase and the Decorate a Pumpkin.

Below, you will find a Haunted House download. I’m sure the kids can get super creative with this one.

I am not an artist, so don’t judge too harshly. Just wanted to scribble something to show how easy it is for the kids to create.

If there are any other suggestions for Halloween Dry Erase, please comment below.

Decorate the pumpkin and October Dry Erase

I like to use a lot of dry erase stuff around the house. It keeps down on wasting paper and it’s fun to take a little bit of time to be creative. Below are the files for a Decorate a Pumpkin Dry Erase and an October Dry Erase board.

The kids can design a different jack-o-lantern as often as they want to. Just use a napkin and wipe away. Create again! Remember to take pictures of each design. It will make for a fun collage picture or video when Halloween is over.

On the October dry erase, I use the dashed line to write what day it is

The first pumpkin to write the date.

And the other pumpkin to write any notes for that day.

Print off the downloads below and insert into an empty sheet protector. It’s that easy!

Little monsters craft for #Halloween

Since we did trick or treat, we wanted to have a few fun activities throughout the day.

First, we went outside to take pictures of Little Man in his costume. Chatted with a few neighbors, from across the street.

Next, we decided to do a craft. It was one that I bought from Hobby Lobby a year or two ago, that we didn’t have time to put together.

You pop all of the pieces out from their sheet and then get creative. I, personally, enjoyed making a couple of these foamy friends.

We finished the day with some hot chocolate and watched Hocus Pocus.

It was a pretty nice Halloween. The weather was nice. It was definitely different but a good time.

Reuse empty juice containers for some fun crafts! @oldorchardjuice #VIPJuiceCrew #JuiceCrew #Crafts

Wind sock

I use the empty (and clean) frozen concentrate container, poke 2 holes on the bottom of it (which becomes the top).

Insert a long piece of string into the holes and tie from the inside. I had my five year old put his hand in to pull it out for me. Tied it in a double knot and then pulled it from the top.

I taped strips of green construction paper to the container.

And finally, cut 3 strips of streamer paper and taped it to the inside of the container.

Pot o’gold

This one, we just taped a piece of black construction paper to the empty (and clean) frozen concentrate container.

Nestled in the green confetti paper that came in this months tasting box.

I had a 12 x 12 piece of rainbow type scrapbook paper and taped inside the tasting box.

I used a handkerchief to stuff inside the container, to make it look full.

My son had a few “Super Mario” coins that we used for the treasure on top.

March 2020 Tasting Box
from Old Orchard

DIY Family Fall Bucket List ~ #DIY #Fall #Crafts

I wanted to make something fun for my family this year and help make some memories. I saw a ton of Fall Bucket Lists on Pinterest and picked the ones that I knew my family would enjoy.

Made little tags for instructions and placed them all in a $1 bucket from Dollar Tree. The boys are excited to cross some activities off our list.

Here is what I used for our Bucket List:

___ Decorate for Halloween / Fall

___  Make Hot Chocolate together as a family

___ Make S’mores as a family

___ Go to a Pumpkin Patch

___ Carve a Pumpkin

___ Roast Pumpkin Seeds

___ Make an APPLE food or drink with the family

___ Take a Family Photo in the Leaves

___ Take a Family Photo with a Football Theme

___ Take a Family Photo with a St. Louis Blues Theme

___ Make a List of Things we are Thankful For

___ Make Fall Crafts together as a family


Click Below to print the Tags for your own Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

DIY Superhero Boxes for my little one #DIY #Superhero

One of the things I enjoy doing as a hobby or with my kid, it’s crafts. I have never been that good but I always enjoy making stuff. Each year I seem to get a little bit better or a little more creative. We’ve been doing a lot more crafts lately with my kid going into kindergarten. He is really into superheroes right now. Especially Batman and Superman.

I had some blank wooden jewelry boxes that needed crafting, so I thought it would be a great project for he and I. He didn’t really seem to want to finish his project after paining his box halfway with black paint. So I decided to finish it for him. I asked him if he wanted Batman or Superman, because I had scrapbook papers of each. He said he wanted both. So I decided OK, I’ll go ahead and make you a box for each superhero.

So I finish painting the rest of the black for his Batman box. Cut out the logos from the Batman scrapbook paper and used Modge Podge to adhere them to the box. When I was done I did a nice coating of the Modge Podge on top.

For the other one, he decided he wanted a red base with a yellow top. I did the same thing, cut out logos but I also cut out borders for this box.

Easy #Fall #DIY Idea

My mom gave me some fake acorns a while ago and I wasn’t sure what it was going to do with them when Fall came around. Well I was at Dollar Tree yesterday and saw this adorable ribbon and had to buy it.

So I grabbed a clear vase type of container, the fake acorns and the ribbon and went to work, briefly. Measure your ribbon around your container. Cut the ribbon and then use scotch tape to hold together. Add acorns and there ya go.

Fun #Halloween Treat for Kids

Here is a super simple treat to make with your kids. You only need 4 things.

What you need:


Dum-dum lollipops



This was a fun little project to do with my three year old. I tied the tissue on to the lollipop and let him add the eyes to our ghost. He has a blast.

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