Trying to stay positive and be productive when I can ~ #ChronicPainThursday #ChronicPain ~ 2/9/23

My body jumps from one issue to the next or adds it to the list. It’s like Endo flare, arthritis flare, wait Fibro flare now… it’s so freaking hard to keep up with.

Monday, had therapy but could barely function. I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises this time because I couldn’t bend my left knee to the side. Excruciating pain. They did a massage gun and a hands on massage. That was great but I couldn’t wait to come back home to bed.

Wednesday, therapy again. This session was more productive than Monday. We were able to start some strengthening exercises. But I will say, that my whole left leg is super sore today. But at least I can walk.

One more therapy session tomorrow. Hoping I feel better than I do today. There is just so much rain and moisture in the air, plus the temperature is dropping. Goodness, I’m over winter.

I’m trying to stay positive and be as productive as I can, when I can.

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