Two physical therapy sessions… DONE ~ #ChronicPainThursdays #ChronicPain ~ 2/2/23

What a crazy week this has been. We started Monday with a “snow day”, but it was really an Ice Day. The roads were awful, so my son had a day off. Which meant that I needed to reschedule my first day of physical therapy. Luckily, I was able to move it to Tuesday morning.

So Tuesday morning I started my PT. I instantly liked my therapist. She was incredibly easy to talk to and already seemed to have knowledge of Ehlers Danlos (which was refreshing). Started with a TENS machine, then some stretching, learned a few exercises and then she used the massage gun, on my hip.

Went back again, Wednesday morning. Started with the same stuff as Tuesday, added a few exercises and ended with a hip massage. I can already feel a difference. I am still super excited to continue PT and see how much better I can get. These home exercises are going to pay off.

I have another round of PT tomorrow morning and then three times again next week.

I have been able to do more around the house and trying to get back into cooking / baking, along with my indoor gardening. Stupid groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter, so that means indoor gardening for six more weeks. Ugh, not happy about that at all.

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