Sometimes, I want to scream! ~ Zebra Chat #ChronicPainThursday #ChronicPain ~ 1/12/23

Let’s see how much crazy we can add on, is the vibe I’m getting from 2023 so far. Last week, I told you about my vertigo. That’s still here but a little better, I guess.

Still having horrible shooting pains down my left leg. Last night, my right leg wanted to join in.

And now to the Endometriosis. Ugh! This thing is really pushing me to my limits. Been having the “stabbies”, as I like to call it, around my ovaries again. I was on my period for 7 days, off for 4 (with spotting) and now it seems like a full on period again. Cramping. Stabbing. I can’t win. Definitely need to make a call to the Gyno soon.

Been spending a lot of time in bed. Watching tv, blogging, games on my phone. Going crazy, kinda. I just want to curl up in bed, hide and wake up when the pain is gone. C’mon, a girl can dream, right?

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