The month from hell

I am truly sorry for my absence in posting. Since October 29, I have been battling something in my nose. Went to urgent care on Oct 30 and they said it was a cold and would run it’s course. Negative for flu and Covid. So I continue with my regimen of honey cold & flu syrups, nasal spray, netti pot, eye massager with heat. Nothing seems to be helping me get better.

Waiting during moms surgery

In the mean time, my mom has surgery early November. So I’m feeling lousy, but need to take care of her at her house, and help her with day to day life. So I stayed with mom for about 5 days. Probably went through a box and a half of tissues. Still not getting better.

So then, we have a couple weeks of home therapy and nurse visits. Out of home, doctor visit and starting physical therapy, a few miles from her house. All pushing through and hardly able to breathe through my nose. Not able to taste much or smell. Freaking annoying!

Then comes Thanksgiving. We ordered food from restaurants, to make it easier on me this year. And it was. Easy and absolutely delicious. But what I didn’t realize, is that Thanksgiving giving morning, I ran to Dollar General to get another bottle of DayQuill to help me make it through the day. On Thanksgiving, I was good at taking it as directed. Not missing a dose. I was so tired, the whole day and was dragging big time by the time dinner was over.

Food was fantastic! Turkey from Sugarfire Smokehouse and potato salad from McAlisters Deli.

The next day, I reach for my DayQuil and I just stared at it for a few minutes. Something was off. What I did was buy freaking NyQuil- and took it ever 4 hours on Thanksgiving. No wonder I was tired, I was taking sleeping medicine, all damn day. Oh, I was so mad at myself but then had a good laugh. Only I would figure out a way to work against myself!

So a couple more days go by, still can hardly breathe. I got fed up and went back to Urgent Care last Sunday Oct 27. This doctor decides it’s a sinus infection and I’m put on a 7 day Amoxicillin. This morning, I finished my pills and I’m only maybe 20% better.

I’m seriously at my wits end. Monday morning, I’ll call to try and schedule an appointment with my doctor for Wednesday. This will be my only day off, other days will be taking mom to physical therapy and a doctors follow up.

I hope I get through this week 🤞🏻🤞🏻

I have a fantastic Daily Goodie Box to share with you but it’s primarily a good and beverage box. With me not being able to taste or smell, it will have to wait until I can. Stay tuned…

PS mom is doing great! Moving so much better with her new knee 👍🏼 So proud!

Product Recommendation

One of the few things that helped me get through this month, has been my eye massager. Warming and massaging my face was pretty soothing. (Affiliate Link Below)

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