The past few weeks… and #AuntieNonos

So in the last post, I mentioned a big flare up. I’m not quite sure what caused it, but I am sure the weather played a part. It’s hot one day, and snowing the next. My body does not like extreme conditions or extreme changes in temperatures. My hips, knees and ankles were throbbing.

My Endometriosis has decided to throw a few more complications in there. I had started a new hormone at the beginning of the year. This has caused all kinds of chaos with my “lady’s days”. I had an extra period this month. Crazy cramps, night sweats, hot flashes, nausea. It’s been terribly exhausting.

I tried to make an appointment with my doctor, and had to wait longer than usual. I’ll get to see him at the end of this month. Hopefully, have a few more questions answered.

On a lighter note…

I have kept myself busy with TV, trying some new recipes, and gardening (when I feel good enough for a few minutes).

Now, as far as the recipes… I am pleased to tell you that you will soon start seeing some recipes, featuring Auntie Nono’s . There is an Everything Seasoning, Firecracker Salt and a Seafood Seasoning. I have only tried the Everything Seasoning, so far. But today, a nice package from Auntie Nono’s arrived with the Sampler Pack! Thank you, Auntie Nono’s for sending this amazing selection. I can’t wait to continue creating. Recipes will be posted soon!

In the mean time, check them out with my affiliate link :

Auntie Nono’s


Here are some of the recipes coming soon:

Cheese Bombs
Grilled Cheese
Pork Tenderloin
Beef & Black Bean Empanadas

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