Hidden Valley Ranch ~ Ranchology Rewards

I love being a part of the Hidden Valley Ranch Ranchology Rewards. I have fun playing games, learning new recipes, earning cool swag and coupons! If you love Hidden Valley Ranch as much as I do, sign up.


And right now, you can play their new game. When you sign up, you can join a team and the team with the highest points win some stuff.

I leveled up a month or so ago and scored a bunch of badges. I just received socks and a resuasble bag. Still waiting for the hat.

And now, I just scored a hat!


Hidden Valley Ranchology: Earn Swag, FREE Samples & Play Instant Win Games  - Hunt4Freebies

Ranchology™ Rewards is all about earning Badges—which then magically transform into excellent rewards.

Dip into videos, recipes, polls and more

These activities earn you fun Ranchology™ Rewards Badges

Badges come with awesome rewards like Hidden Valley® branded gear and much more.

One thought on “Hidden Valley Ranch ~ Ranchology Rewards

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  1. Still having trouble accessing some of the badges… I feel like I’ve done EVERYTHING I can possibly do on this dang website, watching videos, saving recipes, sharing recipes, printing them, etc what am I missing?!? I’m stuck at 29 badges and I’m DYING to earn my reward for 30 badges which is an enamel pin and I LOVE pins! Please help! Ive earned 22 of the badge that says “Looking like a snack” but my question is how many of each badge can you earn, specifically this one because I’ve been stuck at 22 of this particular badge for a while now and I can’t seem to earn anymore of it nor any other badges! I think I’m going crazy trying to earn them! Lol any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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