Hidden Valley Ranch ~ Ranchology Rewards

I love being a part of the Hidden Valley Ranch Ranchology Rewards. I have fun playing games, learning new recipes, earning cool swag and coupons! If you love Hidden Valley Ranch as much as I do, sign up.


I just leveled up and scored a bunch of badges. I have socks, a resuasble bag and coupons coming.


Hidden Valley Ranchology: Earn Swag, FREE Samples & Play Instant Win Games  - Hunt4Freebies

Ranchology™ Rewards is all about earning Badges—which then magically transform into excellent rewards.

Dip into videos, recipes, polls and more

These activities earn you fun Ranchology™ Rewards Badges

Badges come with awesome rewards like Hidden Valley® branded gear and much more.

3 thoughts on “Hidden Valley Ranch ~ Ranchology Rewards

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  1. I love the ranchology rewards program too and I’ve been a apart of it for years but what I can’t figure out for the life of me is how to get the ranch savvy badge?!? It says to complete any product or recipe related stuff but isn’t that what the looking like a snack badge is for?? I have 19 of the lookin like a snack, but no ranch savvy badges. Matter of fact there is a few badges I’m having trouble earning.. any help would be much appreciated and will gladly return the favor if needed!


    1. I’ll look into the Ranch Savvy… but I had a similar problem. I emailed them, and some of the badges are for newer members. I’ve been apart of it for a while, and thought the same. And each time there is a “game”, it doesn’t seem to work correctly.


    2. Ok, so the ranch savvy is saving recipes. It should reward you for every 5 you save, but I’ve had problems the last couple of months, earning the proper badges. It’s frustrating. The “all about you” was for the new members. And they rarely have polls, to earn more on that badge.


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