33 Recipes using Old Orchard Juice ( @oldorchardjuice , #Recipes )

In early 2019, I was asked to be a part of the Old Orchard Juice VIP Juice Crew. Each month, I would receive a box filled with goodies. I would create recipes and post multiple times a month on that juice. When COVID hit, the Juice Crew was put on pause. I was super sad, because that was one of the things I looked forward to the most, each month. But I did have a lot of fun, while I was a part of it. My boys would look forward to it as well, because they got to try new drinks and snacks. We would brainstorm as a family, to perfect the recipe.

Well I wanted to share some of those recipes with you, again… in one place. Here are 33 recipes using Old Orchard Juice!

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