Unboxing my @DailyGoodieBox of #FreeSamples ( Oct2021)

Heat Holders – Thermal Socks

With Winter coming, are you ready for the cold? They are saying we are going to have more extreme conditions this year. Be sure to have some Heat Holders Thermal Socks handy. I know with my Chronic Pain, my feet get very cold, very easily. These thermal socks are perfect to keep in the warmth.

When Daily Goodie Box sent another pair to review, I was stoked! These socks are different than the ones I have tried (worn) previously. These socks are much thinner and not as “fuzzy” on the inside. The would work much better with a shoe, instead of a boot.

The MOMENT my son saw these socks, he asked, “Are those for me?”. Then started to slide them on. I forgot how big his feet are and that these socks would be perfect for him. Now, when I pointed out that they have flowers on them, he didn’t care. I guess the navy blue sock, with light blue flowers is “boy” enough for him.

He said, “I actually love flowers, so I love these”. (He has been very helpful in the backyard this year, watering and pruning our flowers/plants.) He wore them for a good couple of hours. And this morning, put them back on with his robe. He absolutely loves them. Plus, they help him slide across the hardwood floor. What seven year boy doesn’t love that?

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Product:Thermal Socks
Company Website: Heat Holders
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Essential Elements – Hydration Mix

I love having electrolyte products around the house, especially in the summer time. That is when I need it the most. But in the fall/winter, it’s also nice to have it on hand for when you are sick.

Daily Goodie Box sent a sample pack of Hydration Mix by Essential Elements. We decided to do a taste test with the family.

Here are our results:

Watermelon Cucumber: This flavor was really tasty. It had a lot more cucumber than I thought it would. Very cucumber forward. All three of us like this one.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade: Good flavor. I’m not a big lemon person, so it was not my fave. But it was still good.

Yuzu & Lime: This one was our favorite. Not too sweet and incredibly refreshing.

To learn more about this product:

Product: Hydration Mix

Company Website: Essential Elements

Social Media Links : Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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Tiesta Tea – Pomegranatopia

When it comes to tea, I have been opening my mind up a bit more lately. From Daily Goodie Box, I have been able to try a lot of different teas and have found that I like a little more than I thought I would.

This month, I was able to try Tiesta Tea Pomegranatopia. The caffeine level is low, which it great. I don’t like extra caffeine. I get too jittery.

So this sample is Loose Leaf Tea. I was able to find a tea diffuser, but it didn’t seem to work so well. I had little bits a tea all up in my tea. I guess I will have to find a better one, now that I am drinking tea more. And not all good tea comes in a tea bag. It may be a little bit until I get a new one, but I did taste the tea. It was quite tasty. I guess I opening a lot more when it comes to flavored teas. I look forward to trying this again, without the tea bits.

About Pomegranatopia:

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, White Tea, Raspberries, Strawberry Fruit granules, natural flavors, cornflowers, rose petals, safflowers, marigolds

To learn more about this product:

Product: Pomegranatopia

Company Website: Tiesta Tea

Social Media Links: Instagram , Twitter , Facebook

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Kirks Soap – Gentle Castile Bar Soap

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Here is another new product from my Daily Goodie Box. Kirks Soap Gentle Castile Bar Soap. When I first opened the box, I immediately could smell this soap. I loved it! I am a big coconut oil fan and this soap is made from 100% Premium Coconut Oil.

After my first use, I’m a fan. My hands smell so nice and clean. Plus, they don’t feel dried out like they do with other bar soaps. I would definitely buy this in the future.

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Product: Gentle Castile Bar Soap
Company Website: Kirks Soap
Social Media Links: Instagram ,Twitter ,Facebook

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Aroma Naturals – Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel

This month, I was able to try Aroma Naturals Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel (in my Daily Goodie Box). I like trying new takes on a traditional product. This product is an Anti Bacterial, Hand Sanitizer Gel, with Lavender, Aloe & E.

When I first pumped it on to my hands, it felt incredibly wet and a bit “slimy”. But it immediately dried up and my hands didn’t feel greasy or sticky, at all. I definitely smelled the lavender and aloe. It is maybe a tad too strong, but it is a very nice scent. When my son walked into the room, shortly after I had applied it to my hands, he said “what is that nice smell?”. I showed him what it was and then of course, he wanted some on his hands, too.

I may keep this by the back screen door. With the lavender, it may help keep the mosquitos away!


Copied from Website:

  • Free of Parabens or Preservatives
  • Free of Synthetic Colors & Fragrance
  • Free of Triclosan
  • Non-GMO

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Product: Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel
Company Website: Aroma Naturals
Social Media Links: Instagram , Twitter , Facebook


Zint Nutrition – Collagen Powder

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Collagen products are a bit tricky for me. For medical reasons (Ehlers-Danlos), I am hesitant to try collagen products. My body already doesn’t produce enough and I don’t want to produce any faulty collagen. I read up on the EDS Message Boards and it could go either way. I have enough stomach issues, so I am not going to risk it. But I will send this packet to my sister-in-law or nieces and see if she/they can try it.

The Most Bioavailable Form of Collagen

  • Restores youthful skin, hair, teeth, nails and joints
  • Sourced from grass-fed bovine
  • More bioavailable and bio-absorbable than gelatin
  • Completely neutral in flavor and texture

(Above List copied from website)

To learn more about this product:

Product: Collagen Powder
Company Website: Zint Nutrition
Social Media Links: Instagram , Twitter , Facebook

#DailyGoodieBox #FreeSamples #ZintNutrition #zintnutrition #Zint #collagen #collageninfused #collagenpeptides #grassfedcollagen #collagenpowder #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaretip #skincareover30 #skincareover40 #skincareover50 #naturalskincare #skincaresupplement #beautysupplement #Beauty

Little Secrets ~ Crispy Wafers

I will start this post out by saying I LOVE peanut butter & chocolate together. One of my favorite guilty pleasures. When I opened my Daily Goodie Box and saw a sample of Little Secrets Crispy Wafers (Peanut Butter in Dark Chocolate), I was ridiculously excited to try this new product.

After my first bite, I was in love with the dark chocolate. I did get a faint taste of peanut butter and I enjoyed the crunchy wafer. I would have liked a little more peanut butter, but I loved this snack. When I need a chocolate fix, this would be perfect! Just wish I had more. I would be very interested to try any of the other items they offer. YUM!

To learn more about this product:

Product:Crispy Wafers
Company Website: Little Secrets
Social Media LinksInstagram Twitter Facebook


Zolli Candy – Zolli Ball Popz

One of the products that we have enjoyed the most from my Daily Goodie Boxes, is the ZolliCandy products for kids. When my son sees new ZolliCandy arrive, he can’t wait to try them out. This month, he got to try the Zolli Ball Popz. As you can see from the picture below, he is a fan!

When he likes something, he will then tell his buddies about it. And then they want some, too! Having a candy, that helps keep your smile healthy… I’m all about it. I love that it is sugar free. Helps keep the crazy stay to a minimum. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

All Zolli® Candy is delicious and sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian,
non-GMO and contain only natural flavors.

*Zollipops®, Zolli® Drops, Zaffi® Taffy, Zolli® Ball Popz™ are vegan and free of dairy products, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and gluten.

Zolli® Caramelz™ contain milk and soy and may contain peanuts and tree nuts.


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Product:Zolli Ball Popz
Company Website: Zollipops
Social Media Links: Instagram , Twitter , Facebook

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