A Zebra’s Life: Weekly Wrap Up (9/12/21)

Each Sunday, I will try to wrap up what has happened the past week. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There will be links and discussion points throughout the post. I might not always have something to share, in each section, so check back the next week. I hope you find some stuff that interests you and feel free to comment at the bottom of the post.

In the Health Chat section, I will update you on my Endometriosis, Ehlers-Danlos & Fibromyalgia

This week has been a bit challenging. Still having stomach issues. From one extreme to the other. I have also been cramping a lot and not even close to my period. Hot flashes, night sweats… all the menopause symptoms and still have the period. Doesn’t that sound like fun? (Obviously, I am being sarcastic).

Thinking there may still be an issue and that the laparoscopy wasn’t as successful as I first thought. Or the ovarian cysts are back. Who knows?! I will just have to contact the doc tomorrow and go from there. One day at a time, right?

In The Great Outdoors section, I will share anything that has to do with gardening, flowers, birds, patio stuff, etc…

I spend a lot of time in backyard for mental therapy. I need little breaks, here and there, and my backyard has been doing that for me. I have flowers, bird feeders, lights, a hammock… everything to just try and relax for a bit.

This has been a fun week with my gardening. I wanted to try growing some produce for the first time. I don’t have my hopes up too high but what I have planted is looking pretty awesome.

One last sunflower is in bloom. I loved these. Can’t wait until next year, I’m going to plant a ton of sunflowers – yellow & red.

The hummingbirds are loving their new feeder! The colors are amazing and definitely gets the bird’s attention.

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Also, I got a great deal on these adorable Solar Lights. They add just enough light to the rock path, I can see where I’m going. Love them!

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I will post more about my friend, “Skip”, the silver spotted skipper (Butterfly). There is just so much to add into the post, I want to make sure I included everything. The bond I have with this butterfly is unreal. I was just outside watering, and “Skip” flew over to the flowers I was spraying, and flapped its wings, like “Hi! I’m here!”

Do you garden? If so, what’s in your garden?

Respond in the comments below 👇🏻

In The Favorite Foods section, I will share any new foods that I have tried or that I am currently obsessed with

Sampler launched a new program with Orangina. At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but once I took my first sip, I was in love. My husband and son both enjoyed it as well. I would describe it was a sparkling orange juice. We tried it in the morning and it was absolutely delicious. We all agree we need to buy more of this stuff!

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After my last Daily Goodie Box, I am still obsessed with Baja Jerky (street taco) .
This would be a great Stocking Stuffer for any jerky lovers out there.

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In The Shows & Streaming section, I will share any thoughts on the shows I am currently watching

After a few months of watching The Good Wife, I finally finished. I absolutely love this show. The cast, the story lines, everything. Next week, I’ll start the The Good Fight.

Bachelor in Paradise: absolutely disgusted by the behavior of Chris & Brendan. So much lying and sneaking. So unattractive! Not too happy with the way their ladies are acting either. They all kinda deserve each other.

What are your favorite shows? Are you binging anything right now?

Respond in the comments below 👇🏻

In the Shopping section, I will share any products that I think are 4 -5 stars (in my book)

This year, I have become obsessed with the “Good Vibes” motto and fashion. I have these in most colors for tank tops, a couple of sweatshirts and some long sleeved t-shirts with pockets. Every time I wear one of these, I am reminded to have good vibes. It’s a mental thing.

Search Good Vibes Apparel:


In the Future Fun Stuff section, I will share anything related to fun stuff that will be happening in the NEAR future

Daily Goodie Box

In October, I will unbox free samples from Daily Goodie Box.

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Smarthome Riggs Giveaway

My husbands channel, Smarthome Riggs, is going to be having a giveaway to celebrate 1 year.
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Do you know other people who are into Smart Home technology? If so, please share our page with your friends, and help us reach our goal of 250 subscribers by Oct 25th. One of our lucky winners could be YOU!!!

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Halloween Stuff

With Halloween approaching quickly, I was lucky enough to be offered some fun costumes for my son to review. I haven’t told him yet, but he will be over the moon when he finds out. The three costumes are Fortnite Characters .

I will share when those arrive.

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