Endometriosis is back and I’m over it #endometriosis #chronicpain #ehlersdanlos #Fibromyalgia

Comfy clothes, my bed, TV, and heating pad have pretty much been my life for the last week. My endometriosis is back and not backing down.

I am in constant pain in my belly. It feels like it’s throbbing. My back and legs are in a more constant pain. Having night sweats and hot flashes. Nauseous and vomiting. It’s just no way to live.

I knew something wasn’t right a few months ago, but it would come and go. This time, it didn’t go…

Last week, I went to my doctor to discuss what’s been going on. I have an ultrasound set for the end of the month to see what we are dealing with here.

We may change meds or we may discuss a hysterectomy. I feel that the hysterectomy would be my best option for finding a more permanent solution. I know that going through menopause at 40/41 years old will not be fun, but I am in enough pain on a daily basis. If we can’t help the EDS and Fibro pain, at least we can work with the Endometriosis and give me some sort of relief.

I am just uncomfortable in my own skin these days.

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