Hello, Snowbits! So happy you are a part of my world now. ( @snowbitsnyc )

I was scrolling through social media and saw an ad/offer for Snowbits. I went to the website and was very interested in trying these little bites, after reading so many positive reviews. I had never heard of them, probably because they are in New York. But I just had to try for myself. I ordered the variety pack and it arrived a few days later.

The variety pack I purchased is as follows:

Snowbits Treats
2 Original
2 Matcha
2 Coffee
2 Chocolate

Snowbits Jujube Dates
2 Original
2 Matcha

A taste test was in order! So I sat down and tried a bite of each one, placing them in order of how much I like it.

Portions of the 1st – 6th Place have been copied from the description on the Snowbits Website – but the ranking is all me.

Snowbits : pastry hybrids born from the sticky fusion of a milky nougat-like mixture, biscuits, nuts, and dried fruits.

1st Place is a tie:
Snowbits Jujube Dates ~ Original


3rd Place:
Snowbits Treat ~ Original

4th Place:
(this was super tasty though, could easily tie with 3rd place)

5th Place:
Snowbits Treats ~ Matcha

6th Place:
Snowbits Jujube Dates ~ Matcha

I really enjoyed all of these, except for the Snowbits Jujube Dates ~ Matcha. Just not for me. I love that these treats are filled with fruit and nuts. With me eating more Lower Cholesterol Snacks, these are a perfect little sweet treat. See below for Snowbits information and social media links. Do yourself a favor and try some. I will be making another purchase very soon!

Snowbits All-in-One Variety Pack (12)

Company Website:

Social Media Links:

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