Have you tried Burn Hot Sauce yet? OMG I am in love!

Any hot sauce lovers out there? I just happened to be scrolling through Facebook a week or so ago and saw an add for Burn Hot Sauce. There was a great deal advertised to get a bottle for free, but pay shipping. Typically, I don’t even stop to look at the ads but this one got my attention… and I’m so glad it did.

The code I received was to pick one bottle of sauce for free. There were six choices to choose from and I decided to go with the paprika. I figured that would be the lowest amount of heat and probably very versatile and what it would work with.

This is such a great choice. We absolutely love this hot sauce. We tried it on some chicken tenders/nuggets and on some fries to start. It is so darn good. Even my 6 year old was asking for more to dip his nuggets.

The heat level of the paprika was minimal but boy does it pack great flavor!

They have so many other flavors, I feel that after I loved this one so much, I must try them all!

And I can’t conclude this post without mentioning the awesome packaging. Dispensing hot sauce with a dropper is about as perfect a packaging I could think of. It looks great and it works great.

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USDA-Certified Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Sugar/Gluten/Preservative free, Non-GMO and ALIVE! Hot sauce burn hot sauce truff hot sauce cholula tapatio mikes hot honey sauce condiment red salsa chili pepper logo best spiciest hottest

Cyklon (Paprika)

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Burn Hot Sauce

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