It’s been a tough couple of weeks…

You know the saying “When it rains, it pours”? That it how I feel my last couple of weeks have been, since my last post.

It started with dislocating my thumb one night, just from adjusting my weighted blanket. The next day, the discomfort was more than I was able to handle, so I decided to use some Tiger Balm on my thumb.

Now, I have used Tiger Balm in the past. Never had a problem. In fact, when I broke two toes on my left foot, from jumping into our pool, Tiger Balm was what helped with the bruising and circulation. I found it to be quite magical.

Ok, now back to my dislocated thumb… The pain was traveling up my forearm to my elbow, so I rubbed some Tiger Balm on my thumb and up my arm. Twenty or so minutes go by and I am noticing a burning feeling on my arm. I look down and my arm is clearly having an allergic reaction to the Tiger Balm. So of course, I run to bathroom to get a soap soaked wash cloth to wash it all off. It took a good three hours for the burning to stop. That is even after lightly rubbing some aloe lotion to help cool the skin.

This week, has been more about constant pain in my back, feet, hips, knees and neck. Also been dealing with a crazy twitch in my right eye lid for the last two weeks. I know the twitch can be sleep and stress related. And Lord knows that I have a hard time sleeping and my stress level has been elevated lately. I’ve tried a facial roller and a warm compress. Neither seem to be working. I may have to send a message to the doctor if it doesn’t stop soon.

Luckily, I have a couple of awesome boxes coming this month that I am super excited to unbox for you. Hoping it will help keep my mind off of the constant discomfort I am in on a daily basis.

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