This @TheSamplerApp Box is amazing! All new products to try!

I was blown away when I received this box from Sampler. All full sized products! I have been testing each of these products out and have found a couple of keepers.


Axe 12H Refreshing Scent Body Wash – Apollo

While this is for men, I like to try each product so I can describe more of what it smells and feels like. I love the scent of the Sage & Cedarwood in this Apollo Body Wash. It didn’t moisturize (which I can’t imagine most men’s products would), but it did smell quite sexy. My husband uses it and when I walk passed the shower, when he is using it… I smile. It just smells amazing. He just told me that it smells “awesome”!

Axe 3 in 1 Clean All Over – Total Fresh

Haven’t tested yet – will post review here

Axe Styling Flexible Paste – Medium Hold

Haven’t tested yet – will post review here

Axe 48H High Definition Scent Deodorant – Dark Temptation

Haven’t tested yet – will post review here

Take Out – Meal in a bag Puffs – White Chedda

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from something that sounds so healthy, but after three puffs I was hooked. I am all about the white cheddar flavor. This is a great snack to add to my “Low Cholesterol” list. Now, I want to try every flavor they make. I would gladly work with Outstanding Foods if they wanted to collaborate on something. DELISH!

Hungry Buddha Keto Bar – Triple Chocolate

One of my favorite foods to try is a protein bar. I am open to try any flavor from most any brand. From this Sampler box, I was able to try the Hungry Buddha Triple Chocolate. I was not a fan of this protein bar. It tasted very waxy and didn’t have much of a taste. Not triple chocolate taste, at least not to me. I still stand by my “try 3 flavors from a company before you move on” thought. This is only the first from Hungry Buddha, so I will try two more flavors before I decide if Hungry Buddha is for me.

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