Recommendations Needed on Low Cholesterol Snacks

Ever since I received my results for my annual blood tests, I have been researching like crazy on how to lower my cholesterol. What do I need to be eating? What should I cut out of my diet? What do I need to cut way back on, food wise?

I quickly found my answers. Many of the sites I checked out said a lot of the same things. There is a group of foods that will help lower my cholesterol: beans, salmon, avocado, greens, apples, grapes, bananas, citrus, nuts, oatmeal…

From there, I began to research smaller companies that sell these foods packaged, for quick consumption; oatmeal, granola, brown rice, nuts, trail mix. With many of the companies I found, I clicked follow on their social media page(s). I want to see what their followers have to say about which flavors/products are the best.

I am ready for any recommendations on low cholesterol foods in the following food categories:

OatmealGranolaBrown Rice
NutsTrail MixQuinoa
Keto ProductsBeansDark Chocolate
Green TeaProtein Bars/Shakes

Or do you have any recommendations of the following :

  • Salmon Recipes
  • Tuna Recipes
  • Avocado Recipes

I have started a Low Cholesterol Pinterest Board with some things that have peaked my interest. (See Below)

Feel free to follow along with My Low Cholesterol Journey here on my blog with any post tagged “Low Cholesterol

If there are any companies reading this, please feel free to reach out if you would like to work together on an unboxing.


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