The best coffee mug… Period. @yeticoolers #BuiltForTheWild

Through the years, I have used many different types of coffee mugs. All of them were fine, but I am usually finishing the last of it when it’s cold. I guess I am a slow coffee drinker.

Over the years, I have narrowed down my requirements for the best coffee mug, in hopes I would one day find it:

Comfort. I need to be able to hold it easily in my hands. My hand cramps very easily. The smaller the handle, the quicker the cramp. I am thinking a thicker handle, and the ability to slide my hand between the handle and mug.

Keep it hot! I want the coffee to stay hot for longer than 30 minutes. Again, I’m a slow coffee drinker. If I want cold coffee, I’ll make cold coffee. Looking for insulated or something similar.

A lid is necessary. To trap the heat and to prevent any spills. Plus, a kid and a dog can lead to a mess in no time.

So one day, my husband was talking to his brother about a Yeti mug he had bought for his wife. He must have said the right things to my husband, because shortly after that conversation a package from Yeti arrived.

Brand new black 14oz Rambler Coffee mug. It looked very nice. He couldn’t believe how long his coffee stayed warm. He instantly knew that I needed to have one. So he ordered my beautiful red mug. (Pictured above)

This purple one is a Christmas gift

I am sitting here blogging to you, 2 hours after I made my coffee, and it is still hot. The handle is thick enough to hold and there is plenty of room for my hand to slide in between the mug and handle. He got my the lid with the magnetic slider. It was everything I had been looking for. I can take as much time as I need between sips. It will still taste great!

Hands down, this is the BEST coffee mug that I have used.

I really need to explore more Yeti products. This coffee mug is a life changer!

Yeti 14 oz Rambler $24.99

Rambler MagSlider Lid $9.99




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