Fish Stick Pizza w/Chipotle Ranch Drizzle ~ Just try it before you say “ew” ~ #Recipe

Quarantine has caused to be creative with our daily lives. When you’re running low on food and don’t want to leave the house, go through what you have and see what you can make.

A month or so ago, I decided to experiment with a few things I had in the freezer. My boys were game to try it. They love my fish tacos, so I wanted to try a Fish Stick Pizza. I know it sounds weird but it was so delicious. Just try it once.

I grabbed a frozen Red Baron Cheese Trio Pizza, a box of fish sticks (I used the store brand) and some onions (fresh or frozen). And then to top it off, I make my Chipotle Ranch and drizzled it over the pizza.

To Prep:

Preheat oven per instructions on pizza box.

Break frozen fish sticks into two or three pieces/per stick and sprinkle around pizza.

Add onions.

In a small bowl, mix ranch and ground chipotle. The more chipotle you add, the smokier it will be. Put in fridge until it’s time.

* I make my own ranch with the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning

Fish Stick Pizza w/Chipotle Ranch Drizzle

One frozen cheese pizza
Frozen fish sticks
Diced onions, fresh or frozen

Ground Chipotle

Bake per instructions on your pizza box.

Mine is 400 degrees for 17 minutes

When done baking, drizzle the ranch over the pizza and add some to a side cup. You may want to dip.

**Note: different brands for fish sticks and for the frozen pizza may result in a different taste. The brand of ranch may also result in a different taste. I feel that I have a winning combination with the products listed above.

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