Fall is here!

We have entered fall. I stand outside with a cool 47° this evening. Clear skies and the smell of fire in the distance.

One of the first thing that comes to mind, for the fall, is hot chocolate. At some point this weekend, I am definitely going to have to make some hot chocolate for the family. What better way to start celebrating fall? Our favorite is the Starbucks Hot Cocoa Mix. Delish!

Another reason I love fall is baking breads. I need to get back to baking period, but especially pumpkin bread, banana bread, apple fritter bread. Maybe some cookies. Do you have any favorites that you like to bake every year? (Comment below)

And you can’t get through fall without the slow cooker! It’s time to make chili.

Check out my Recipes Page.

Here are a few of my favorite things about fall. (Photos by A Zebra’s Life)

What are your favorite things about fall?

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