August has been a rough one.

Well, it’s official… I am 40 years old. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I didn’t feel too different when I woke up, until I took a survey and I was in a new “age bracket”. The 40-49 group. Then I thought, ok… here we go.

This month has been tough, pain wise. We have had a lot of rain and some really hot days. The humidity makes it worse. It’s been fairly easy staying home.

I have a couple of hobbies that I can dive into, even during the pain. I am gardening a bit and I have gotten into hummingbirds. I got a really cool feeder and hummingbird house for my birthday.

I’ve also been using my Massagers a lot to help keep my muscles loose and to help pop or shift whatever is out of place for the day. They really help! Read more about the massagers: CLICK HERE

School will be starting next week and I’m anxious to get into our new, new normal.

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