Tomorrow is a new day. But for today, I’m done. #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia

Today is one of those incredibly challenging days. I woke up this morning in a weird sleeping position. One arm all the up and out, the other was twisted and in between my knees. This has caused something to shift in my back, shoulder area. The pain is more than I can typically push through.

I have spent most of the day on my heating pad. After, heat and a little stretching, I haven’t made much progress in popping whatever this is, back into place. It’s so close, I can feel it. Just won’t go. So that is causing pain in my neck as well. Can’t move much from side to side.

Usually by noon, I am able to move around a little better. That is not the case today. I will probably just be in bed, on the heating pad, the rest of the day… wishing I could get something accomplished around the house.

Tomorrow is a new day. But for today, I’m done.

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