Growing my jalapeño plant #Gardening #Jalapeño

When the stay at home orders started, I began to think that this would be the perfect time to start gardening a little bit again.

I went up to my favorite farmers market, and they had one jalapeño plant left. It was a sign! That plant was mine.

On June 12, I decided to plant them into the big green container I had from a few years ago for my green bell pepper plants.

I have done all the tricks. Coffee grounds around the stems. I have use an epsom salt/ water mix once a week. And even added some egg shells to try and keep the bugs away. The coffee and epsom salt has definitely worked in regards to creating a bigger bounty. I am still having issues keeping the bugs off at the moment.

( Follow my gardening board on Pinterest: DIY: Gardening )

This plant has grown quite a bit and has one bud starting to bloom and so many others, not far behind.

Here is my journey so far:

Bought May 29:

Planted June 12

And let the journey begin:

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