Embracing the new normal

When the quarantine started, it wasn’t a huge change for me. I am usually at home anyway, because I rarely feel up to going out. The part that was the biggest change was having the boys home 24/7. No alone time. Always there and the little one is always asking for something. I have been trying to find new things to keep me busy, and mentally stimulated since we’ve been here at the house.

We have been working on our back patio, and I have found myself self spending a lot of time out there. I’ve already blogged about my gardening. But I haven’t blogged much about our new electric smoker. I have found a new passion. Gardening is a hobby that I used to have and have taken up again. Using the smoker is something completely new and different for me. I am typically intimidated by new appliances. And it takes me a while to use it and to get better at it. But I seem to have picked up the smoker bug. At least with ribs and chicken breasts. I’m still learning and trying new stuff.

I have a few rubs that I have put together. I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. ( Follow my Smoker Board ).

There are few things better than the smell of smoking meat, with rub and wood chips. I mean, dang. I absolutely love this smoker and the potential of what I can make for my family. I love to cook anyway, but this is a whole other level of cooking. Longer time to make. A lot more effort, but oh so worth it.

I’ll be posting my pictures and recipes soon.

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