My right side is working against me #Fibromyalgia

Yesterday was a challenging day for many reasons. Mondays aren’t ever really fun anyway… To start, I wake up with a sore back. Must have been twisted up again when I was sleeping. It seems to be happening a lot more often these days.

Then get up and take care of the dog. Get the coffee going. Make sure my husband is up and functioning. Wake up the five year old. Make breakfast. Call my mom. Clean up breakfast. And finally, get homeschooling started. Then I can breath for a minute.

This is all our normal routine since being quarantined. But then you add a spasming back, a dog that follows you everywhere you go (under my feet when I walk, causing me to trip often), and the constant “Mama?” every 5 minutes. Mama needs a break, y’all. Mama is hurting and not used to having zero time to myself. I was sure you know what I am talking about.

Stress is definitely HIGH at this moment. But I am lucky enough to have an amazing husband. He is someone I love spending time with, who is my partner, and we make each other laugh throughout the day. Our teamwork has only improved during this craziness. It is my body that is failing me.

Last night, a bit after dinner, I was stretching my neck and it turned into a full on spasm. It went from the right shoulder blade, up to my right ear. (Imagine: a Charlie horse, from shoulder to ear.) My ear, and surrounding, felt a little tingly. I was able to finally get it to calm down and not be silently scream cursing.

Before bed, I was walking down the stairs and had a super sharp pain in my right hip I was happy that I was on my way to bed anyway, so I knew I would be staying off of it for a few hours. Needless to say, I spent most of the night on the heating pad.

This morning, it is quite clear that my whole right side wants to work against me. Not only do I feel the tightness in my right shoulder up to my ear, now I have incredible tightness around my right hip/lower back. Currently, it is very hard to bend. I type this as I sit on my bed with my heating pad wrapped around my back and shoulders.

All of this would be a tad more tolerable if I had my creamer for my coffee. We have ordered it from three different places and just waiting to see which arrives first. I have been waiting for a few weeks now. Coffeemate – original must be super popular these days.

Hope you all are staying healthy and safe!

Update: 9pm

Well, it will all be a tad bit easier. One of the shipments of Coffee-Mate Creamer arrived late this afternoon. Yay!

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