The frustrations of #Fibromyalgia during a #stayathome pandemic ~ #Covid19

I don’t know how all of you are feeling these days with the quarantine, but it has really taken a toll on my body physically. Our routine has changed dramatically. My husband has been working from home. I have been homeschooling our five (almost 6) year old. That in itself has been quite a challenge.

I am running up and down the stairs a lot more. Making more meals for more people throughout the day. Plus, it has been raining here a lot in STL, and that is a whole different set of issues when it comes to pain.

I feel like my brain and my body are on overload. My temper, last week, was getting to its limit. But my husband and I had a talk and since then, I feel that I will manage my stress a little better this week.

I wake up each morning with a horrible backache. I am immediately wrapping my back in my heating pad to loosen stuff up a bit. But it will take many rounds to even be manageable. I have done 3-4 rounds so far today and my back is still killing me.

Pain relievers don’t work. Don’t have any pain killers or muscle relaxers. I haven’t found any CBD products that work, but I also have not tried much. I don’t know where to start or which brand is the best. I don’t want to spend a fortune but I will buy what I need to if I know it works.

Marijuana dispensaries for medical patients will be opening soon but I am sure the stay at home orders have delayed it some. I will be applying for my license this week. I am also educating myself on strands that will help with pain, sleeping, increase appetite, help with nausea, a whole body relaxant… so we will see what will help. Follow my Pinterest board for more CBD/Hemp information.

I am just hoping that someday I will find the right combination, to at least make days bearable.

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