@CremaCo Coffee Subscription Box for the workplace or home. #coffee

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I was on Instagram and stumbled upon Crema Co. I am a big coffee fan and thought this might be a fun subscription box.

In this box, there is a Light, Medium and Dark Roast. I like all three roasts for different times of the day, so having all three in one box is a great idea!

I’m starting with the dark roast. On the bag, it noted Buttered Toast, Brown Sugar and Nutmeg. When I first opened the bag, I instantly smelled the buttery sugar smell. Added some beans to the grinder, got the coffee maker ready and hit brew. Went to take a shower while brewing and could smell it in the shower. Oh so good.

Once done, I added my cream and sugar. The first sip was delicious. It’s different than the Sumatra I typically drink. I like the flavors in it but it’s not really a flavored coffee… which is great! I like coffee flavored coffee.

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Next, I tried the Medium Roast. The bag noted flavors of Plum, Chocolate and Caramel. I don’t taste much of the plum but definitely the chocolate and caramel. It reminds me of the See’s Candies Lollipops. It is really quite tasty. I see myself drinking this more at night after dinner.

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And finally to the Light Roast. I enjoyed this one as well but if I were ranking, this would be third of the three tasted. I really taste the molasses in this roast. But not as sweet, for me, when doctored up with my cream and sugar. But it is still very good.

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To order your Crema box now: click here

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