Are you ready to try an awesome monthly pet box? Check out Pet Treater! READ MORE… #Dog #Cat

I am partnering up with Pet Treater this month and super excited about it! Since we just rescued Macy almost a month ago (1 month tomorrow), we still don’t have too many toys for her yet. I did some research and thought that Pet Treater and Macy would be a great partnership.

Pet Treater is a subscription box that brings toys and goodies to your fur-babies each month.

It’s super easy to join!

  1. Select Your Plan

Dog Pack
Deluxe Dog Pack
Treats Only
Toys Only

  1. Tell Pet Treater about your pet

  2. Kick Back and Relax

To get started, use CODE: ZEBRASLIFE20 good for 20% off the first month of a recurring item.

Head over now and order your box: CLICK HERE 


I will be running a GIVEAWAY later in the week. Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW to stay updated!

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