Fibro and EDS can bite me today. I wonder if there is a #CBD product out there that would help… #Struggling #ChronicPainSucks

As I am half way through my second day of excruciating back pain, I’m feeling defeated. Usually, I push myself little by little throughout the day to get things done. But I may have pushed myself too much this past weekend.

Yesterday, I was pretty much in bed on the heating pad, watching TV. This morning, I got a small load of laundry done and pretty much hit my limit for the day.

It is incredibly frustrating to be 39 years old and feel like I just can’t function how I need and want to. I am having to depend on my husband and mom to get little man to and from school. I know that with FMS and hEDS, I have limits… but I hate having to ask for help.

Not only is the pain all over my back, it also moving up to my left shoulder. Then I really won’t be able to do much, especially with just one hand.

I really do wonder if there is a CBD product(s) out there that would help me.

Any suggestions?

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