We wanted to introduce, Macy! #RescueDog

After having to put our boy, (Marshal) down last year right before Christmas, (he was very ill). We knew we needed some time to grieve and be ready to open our hearts to a new dog. After all, life is better with a dog.

Our son was ready a few months later, but we didn’t want a replacement. We wanted to find a new chapter, when our hearts were ready. This past Thanksgiving, we went to visit family and were able to play with the 6 family dogs that all attended. On our way home, we decided that we were ready to open our hearts and home to a new dog, and start 2020, with a dog of our own. We met Macy at the local Humane Society, and instantly fell in love. Our 5 year old son is thrilled to have a dog In the house again, and so are we. Our Macy is a 1 year old female Labrador mix, who still has a lot of puppy in her. She is chewing on everything, but super cuddly and has brought a lot of laughter into our house in a very short time.

I plan on sharing a lot about her on my blog. She is too cute and too funny, not to. In those blogs and posts, I’ll be sharing pictures and videos. Any products that are in those pictures and videos will be tagged. I am so excited to play with such a young, goofy dog and hope to bring smiles to the faces of my family, friends and followers.

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