Our fun snow days. What do you do on snow days? #SnowDay #STLWX

Just wrapping up three snow days here in the St. Louis area. We tried to make it as fun as we could. What did you do?

Day 1:

Before noon, I prepared some Beef & 2 Bean Chili in the slow cooker to enjoy for dinner. This way, dinner was out of the way and we could just relax.


Enjoyed a delicious caramel cinnamon roll that my husband picked up from Old Town Donuts the day before.

Made some cornbread for the Chili.

Then baked some cookies that were pre-portioned and frozen from my son’s fundraiser. I needed to make some room in the freezer for any Christmas Cookies I may be baking. Or left over Chili.

Day 2: Today

Got up a little late. Hubby and son had a snow day. Made them some Quaker Oatmeal for breakfast.

Did some chores. A little blogging.

Created some drink recipes for Old Orchard Juice and my December Tasting Box.

Bubbling Cranberry

Season’s Greetings

Had a little down time. And then got the call that school will be cancelled Tuesday, as well. So now knowing the little one will be up a little later that usual, time for a little more fun before bed.


So after the break, made some hot cocoa to enjoy for the beginning of the St. Louis Blues vs Colorado Avalanche.

Day 3Well the little one is getting sick again, so we had a low key day. I was going to have him help me start making Christmas goodies, but I didn’t want his germy little hands touching my gooey butter and cookies. So I told him he could be a taste tester.

This round consisted of Chocolate Crinkle Cookies made with chocolate cake mix. And a batch of my Gooey Butter Bites. All of these will be going to my husbands work. I should have kept a few to nibble on but I guess I just need to make another batch of the gooey butter bites.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies


Gooey Butter Bites

How did you spend your snow day?

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