What’s your favorite frozen pizza? Right now, ours is @RedBaromPizza

One of my favorite late-night snacks is pizza. We didn’t feel like ordering anything, so we pulled out one of our frozen pizzas. Right now, our go to is Red Baron pepperoni pizza. The sauce is perfect, the cheese is tasty and melting, and the crust is crispy. This is definitely a hit for the whole fam.

I am looking for some other suggestions of yummy frozen pizzas. I do like to change it up. I will get sick of the same brand or style of pizza over and over and over again. Plus, I have found with frozen sausage and bacon pizzas, the meat doesn’t reheat well. Has a weird porky smell. But pepperoni is where it’s at, and cheese pizza.

I do love that Red Baron carries Deep Dish Singles, as well. These are great for when you need a meal for just one and you don’t wanna waste a big pizza. Also, great for a quick kids meal.

What are your “go to” frozen pizzas?

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