These beef brats were awesome! I think my family needs to start try each of the fully cooked links @johnsonville makes. I’ll post about them when I do #Johnsonville #BigTasteGrill #BetterwithSaUSAge

After a delicious Brat dinner, I feel that my family needs to start trying all of the sausages Johnsonville has to offer. We have been enjoying their sausage for a while now and are just kinda starting to try the flavored sausages and brats.

Tonight, we had a Beef Brat on a split top bun with horseradish mustard. I put two on my little stove top griddle pan and began to grill those bad boys. My husband and I were both loving this brat, down to the last bite. Our five year old ran in and wanted a bite, too!

A few years ago, a friend had turned us on to the Jalapeño Cheddar. This was out of this world. So good. Nice level of heat but not too much.

So now I find myself looking at their product list in their website. Making a list of each flavor or style we need to try.

Here is my list so far … of just the Fully Cooked Links… it’s pretty much all of the ones we haven’t tried.

Beddar with Cheddar

Stadium Brats

Smoked Brats

New Orleans Style

Beer brats

Chili Cheese

Beef Hot Links


Frankly (lol) I want to try every product they make. We love sausage and I want to make more sausage dishes for meals, any time of the day. I do subscribe to their email list and will participate in surveys from time to time. If I respond fast enough, I get a coupon to try a free product. With each coupon, I’ll be trying a new sausage and I’ll share my review and / or recipe with you.

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