Strep Throat Care Kit for my kid

Since Saturday morning, I’ve been taking care of my sick little boy. Woke up Saturday with a fever and a horrible cough. Two hours later, testing positive for strep. It is exhausting taking care of a sick 5 year old, when you’re not feeling great yourself. But I’m a mom and that’s my job. I put aside my pain and exhaustion as long as I can, then lay down for a bit to take a rest.

I have been off and on the heating pad a lot. Trying to keep up with dishes and laundry, making sure the little guy is comfortable while sick, and attempting to keep myself sane.

So since my Pain Pack post was such a hit, I decided to do the same for helping me take care of my kiddo.

Tried to think of everything I would need to help a kid sick with Strep:


Cough Drops

Tissues or Toilet Paper, torn into squares

Nasal Spray

Chest Rub

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing Wipes

Face Wipes

A Mixed Berry Cartridge for our Cirkul bottle. Flavor with vitamins and electrolytes

A wash cloth – to dampen with cold water and rub on child or lay across his forehead

*And then I added honey at the end. To help with cough and a natural decongestant.

What are your home remedies? What are your favorite products for when you or your child is sick?

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