My best friend… the heating pad #AZebrasLife – Living with #ChronicPain

Lately, my back has been hurting something awful. Every morning, I wake up, open eyes and just lay there. Waiting to see what is in pain or dislocated from last nights sleep.

I tend to cross my legs, in the air while I sleep, when I am having my bad pain days. My specialist had told me that was my body’s way of relieving the pain or pressure I may be experiencing while I’m sleeping. So in the morning, my hips, back and legs feel like I’ve been doing stretches for hours.

There are other nights, where I seem to raise my arms above my head when I sleep. If I do that for too long, I won’t be able to move my arms much the next day. I’ve asked my husband to tap me or tell me to roll over, so I’ll put my hands down and save me the agony for tomorrow.

My sleep is just frustrating. I have to change sides almost every hour, if not sooner. I am in a long streak of crazy night sweats. If I take certain OTC sleep aids, I am useless the next day. I’ve tried CBD, and the few I’ve tried haven’t worked for me.

So this brings me to my best friend… my heating pad. I have this bad boy next to my bed at all times. If fact, I am laying on it now as I type. Today is worse than it has been the last couple of days. My whole body aches. It’s only a little before 11:00am and I am on my 4th round on the heating pad. Each round, I’m able to pop and adjust my back a little more. And a tiny bit less pain with each pop. But this is getting ridiculous. I am starting to look for additional heating elements. Products that cover more of my body at one time.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on brands? Feel free to comment below. If I find some awesome products on my own, I’ll post my findings.

Would also appreciate any suggestions for CBD that you’ve tried and that has helped your pain, improve your sleep. I am willing to try any forms of CBD.

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