DIY Family Fall Bucket List ~ #DIY #Fall #Crafts

I wanted to make something fun for my family this year and help make some memories. I saw a ton of Fall Bucket Lists on Pinterest and picked the ones that I knew my family would enjoy.

Made little tags for instructions and placed them all in a $1 bucket from Dollar Tree. The boys are excited to cross some activities off our list.

Here is what I used for our Bucket List:

___ Decorate for Halloween / Fall

___  Make Hot Chocolate together as a family

___ Make S’mores as a family

___ Go to a Pumpkin Patch

___ Carve a Pumpkin

___ Roast Pumpkin Seeds

___ Make an APPLE food or drink with the family

___ Take a Family Photo in the Leaves

___ Take a Family Photo with a Football Theme

___ Take a Family Photo with a St. Louis Blues Theme

___ Make a List of Things we are Thankful For

___ Make Fall Crafts together as a family


Click Below to print the Tags for your own Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

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