Coffee Cubes are a great way to cool down your coffee without watering it down with ice cubes!

Let’s start by saying I’m a coffee lover and so is my husband. Usually, we make coffee on the go, so it’s pretty hot. I had seen a pin on Pinterest a while back about coffee cubes. Since my husband started his new job, and my son is now in kindergarten to help make mornings easier I make coffee cubes quite often these days.

I was using an ice tray before, but this time I wanted to have a little fun. I poured some leftover morning coffee into these heart shaped silicone bakeware. I wanted to do something a little bigger than a small ice cubes that I was making, and sometimes it just looks a little nicer while it sits in the freezer.

By using coffee cubes, my husband is enjoying his coffee way quicker these days. It doesn’t water it down like regular ice cubes do.

Let me know what you think!

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