Unboxing my #DailyGoodieBox ~ #FreeSamples (July 2019)

Spudsy ~ Sweet Potato Puffs

We are a family that loves snacks. And love trying new snacks. I hadn’t heard of Spudsy before this month’s Daily Goodie Box . I was sent a sample bag of Sweet Potato Puffs – Crunchy Cinnamon. I was a big fan of these little puffs.

They were definitely crunchy and it had the perfect amount of cinnamon & sugar. I loved the taste of the sweet potato puff itself, too. I would love to try more of what Spudsy has to offer. If the cinnamon is any indication of how tasty their snacks are, I am in!

Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO

To learn more about this product:  Spudsy – Sweet Potato Puffs

Website: Spudsy

Instagram: @SpudsyFoods
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: @SpudsyFoods

I am always looking for new sleep aids. I have such a problem sleeping because of my medical issues, I can’t ever get a full night’s sleep. So I need to rely on sleep aids to help me get through my sleepless nights.

Lately, I have been trying a lot of different aids. Some work, some don’t. I still have my constant brand that I use, but I am always open to new products.

I need a sleep aid that helps me fall asleep, stay asleep and not wake up groggy. Those are my big 3 when it comes to sleep aids. I am in constant pain anyway, so I don’t NEED a pain reliever. Just need the sleep.

Daily Goodie Box included this nice sized bottle of Napz All Natural Short Term Sleep Aid.

Napz does work. It’s hard for me to tell exactly how well it works because of my medical issues, but it is definitely worth a try.

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Sugar Free

Website:  Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution

Instagram: @Napz
Twitter: @NapzSleepAid
Facebook: @NapzSleepAid


Que Bella Beauty ~ Detoxifying Peel Off Mask

As you may know by now, I don’t really use facial masks. I have sensitive skin and have had bad experience in the past. So when Daily Goodie Box included a couple of Que Bella Peel Off Masks, I knew I wouldn’t be able to try this product. I will be sending these samples to my nieces, who also LOVE trying new beauty products.

I will say, I really liked the packaging. The masks seemed to be packages much smaller than a lot of masks I received. I like the compact packaging!

To learn more about this product: 
Que Bella – Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask

Website: Que Bella Beauty

Instagram: @QueBellaBeauty
Twitter: @QueBellaBeauty
Facebook: @QueBellaBeauty


If you have been following me for a while, you know I am not a big tea person except for Sweet Tea. I just haven’t been able to get into the herbal teas. This month, Daily Goodie Box included a box of Tipson Organic Tea – Turmeric, Vanilla & Cinnamon. The cinnamon is a bit overpowering to me, but that doesn’t surprise me. I have a lot of friends that are tea drinkers. I will be passing this box on to those that I know can enjoy it.

To Purchase:  Tipson – Organic Tea
Website: Tipson Tea (Products)

Instagram: @TipsonTeaUSA
Twitter: @TipsonTeaUSA
Facebook: @TipsonTea


Curad ~ Quick Stop Bandages

I have been lucky enough to try a lot of Curad products lately. I didn’t know much about them until recently. I have really liked each product I have tried, so far. This month, Daily Goodie Box sent a package of Curad Quick Stop Bandages. These things are great!

They are so light and don’t pull at your skin. It is a flex fabric which allows you to move and breath. There is a naturally derived blood stopping agent to help stop the bleeding fairly quick.  I have a feeling my son will like these when he has his next “boo boo”.

To learn more about this product:  CURAD – Quick Stop Bandages

Website: Curad

Instagram: N/A
Twitter: @Curad
Facebook: @CuradBrand


Bakery on Main ~ Gluten Free Granola

Here’s another fun product that was included in this month Daily Goodie Box. Bakery On Main – Cranberry Almond Maple Granola . It was pretty good. Slightly bland, but still had a nice flavor. It was a really good little snack. I love granola, so I’m always willing to try anything that has to do with granola.

I shared some with my 5 year old and he ate it up. He was really into it. I will keep this in mind for the future.


To learn more about this product: 
Bakery On Main – Cranberry Almond Maple Granola

Website: Bakery On Main

Instagram: @BakeryOnMain
Twitter: @BakeryOnMain
Facebook: @BakeryOnMain



Ode To Clean ~ Cleaning Wipe

I love finding new cleaning products. I’m definitely into wipes, with a little five-year-old running around and getting everything messy all the time. I was excited when Daily Goodie Box included a couple samples of ODE All Purpose Wipes. I have been working on my den, making just perfect and found the perfect table to clean up with these wipes.


The wipe worked great. The mess came off very easily. The only thing I didn’t like was the scent of the wipes.  A little funky, but the smell dissipated quickly. I would definitely use these wipes again. No question. I’m a big fan of Ode to Clean!

To learn more about this product:  Ode To Clean – All-Purpose Wipes

Website: Ode To Clean

Instagram: @OdeToClean
Twitter: @OdeToClean
Facebook: @OdeToClean


Essential Oxygen ~ Brushing Rinse

Daily Goodie Box included a sample of Essential Oxygen – Organic Brushing Rinse.  I’m not familiar with it so it as this was my first time using a brushing rinse. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

When I first opened the bottle, it smelled minty. Once I poured some into my mouth, it didn’t taste as minty, but I swished it around and rinsed my mouth. Once I was finished, I could really taste the mint again. Better breath. And clean feeling in my mouth before brushing. I liked the rinse more than I thought I would.


To learn more about this product:  Essential Oxygen – Organic Brushing Rinse

Website: Essential Oxygen

Instagram: @EssentialOxygen
Twitter: @EssentialOxygen
Facebook: @EssentialOxygen



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