Trying to find the right combination to the path of relief. ( Ehlers-danlos / Fibromyalgia) #ZebraChat #AZebrasLife

Happy Sunday, Everyone. I hope you’re surviving the heat, wherever you are. It’s another hot one here in St. Louis. Is anyone else ready for fall? I know I am. And so is my aching body.

My pain level seems to rise in extreme weather. If it’s really hot & humid or super cold, I am hurting (more than usual). I woke up drenched from the night sweats. Both arms were hurting, with my right arm & fingers swollen, again. Every time I move (seriously, every time) something pops or shifts. Random places all over. It’s crazy and quite annoying at times.

I wrote yesterday about starting CBD recently. Now, I haven’t felt much difference yet overall. But I am noticing a slight change in my sleeping. I have some drops that I take for night time. It doesn’t seem to make me sleepy as fast as I would hope. I seem to be staying up later, for some reason. Like til 1:30-2:00am. I am not liking this part of it at all. But I don’t know if that’s related to CBD or if it’s an episode stemming from my EDS / Fibromyalgia.

One thing I am noticing is that I am not waking as much as I was. Instead of every 30-45 minutes changing positions, it’s more like every hour to hour and a half.

In the morning, I am exhausted. I am sleeping later than I am used to. Which is nice on the weekends, but torture during the week. I don’t know if I need to adjust the time I take the night time drops or the amount of drops. But I feel like I am more fatigued in the mornings and earlier in the afternoon.

This life is a balancing act. Find the right meds. Try to eat healthy. Exercise when and how you are able. And sometimes you just have to rest. Know your limits and take care of you.

I just need to stay positive and keep working on balancing this all out. I hope to find the right combination to the path of relief.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations… I am all ears.

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