Jumping in to the #CBD world, with my fingers crossed. Trying my first product, #CBDCoffee ( @Elev8Hemp ) -Read More-

I have been hearing and reading a lot lately on CBD products. Most of the chatter is how CBD has changed their life. Depending on the product, it can help relieve pain, lessen anxiety, help ones sleep, plus so many more benefits. So since my pain and discomfort is in overload right now, I need some sort of relief without turning to prescribed pain medication. I know some may think I am crazy, suffering from EDS – Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis, and not being on medication. But a lot of the meds just make me more tired or out of it. I don’t need help with fatigue or brain fog.

It’s time to try something new. So I did some research and purchased my first two CBD products. Some gummies and some hemp coffee. Even my mother’s friends are drinking CBD or Hemp coffee and raving about how they feeling young again with little to no pain. My goodness, I would love to feel that way. And I love coffee, so bring it on. I want to try as many brands as I can, so I know which brew works the best for me. My mom said she would start drinking coffee again, if it really does help. I reached out to a few companies on Instagram but no one responded. I decided to get on to Amazon and start reading reviews, and just pick one. You have to start somewhere.

I landed on Elev8Hemp Dark Roast. I wanted to try something that would be close to my regular morning coffee (Starbucks – Sumatra, with cream & sugar). This roast tasted very close and was absolutely delicious. While this is my first CBD/Hemp coffee, I am not sure exactly what to expect. I do feel a little more relaxed, but that could be because I am upstairs blogging while my husband entertains our five year old. I will definitely continue drinking to see if I can tell more of a difference or if its helping relieve anything. I’ll keep you all updated on any other CBD products I try.

CLICK HERE to read reviews of Elev8 Hemp Coffee on Amazon or to purchase.

Check out my CBD/Hemp Board on Pinterest to learn more on introducing yourself to CBD products.

To any CBD/Hemp companies, if you work with bloggers, product testers or brand ambassadors… I would love to try your products. I belong to a lot of online support groups for those with Ehlers-Danlos, Fibromyalgia and/or Endometriosis. I will share the information on products that work for me on my blog and with fellow chronic pain sufferers.

Email me: azebraslifeblog@gmail.com if you are interested in testing your products on a chronic pain sufferer.

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