@GoAvitae has the best flavored water that I’ve tasted, plus it has caffeine!

Recently, I posted about a sparkling caffeinated water that I had received in my Daily Goodie Box. Now, I am not a fan of sparkling water… at all… but I did notice that this particular water had the best flavoring I had ever tried.

After I shared a photo on Instagram, Avitae reached out to inform me that they offer Non-Sparkling Caffeinated Water as well. I was definitely interested in trying more of what Avitae has to offer. I am not always in a coffee mood, especially in the afternoon, so I am excited to have a caffeinated water option.

Avitae was generous to send 2 cases (2 different flavors) of their non-sparkling caffeinated waters for me to try. Strawberry Guava & Pomegranate Acai. Each bottle contains 90mg of caffeine. That’s enough to give you a boost of energy in the afternoon.
I was not prepared for how much I was going to enjoy (this) flavored water, period.

I have already given a few bottles out to some people that I think would enjoy something new… My son’s preschool teachers, I sent a couple of bottles with my husband to pass out at work and a friend who is also a hair stylist. She just told me that she had given up coffee but was desperate for some caffeine. I ask her if she was a water drinker. She told me that she only drinks flavored water. Well this couldn’t have been a more perfect person to pass this caffeinated water on to. Spreading the love! I also want to give one to our mail lady. She loves trying some of the new stuff receive. She works so hard and I am sure she has few perks. Plus, she is just awesome.

To learn more about Avitae: CLICK HERE


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